VARIFLO Upright Polymer Dispenser

 VariFlo is a lightweight portable machine that can be transported in the back of a pickup truck. The machine can be customized to be mounted, put on a dolly or to be hung quickly and easily wherever it is most convenient to the user: on a tote, drum, fence or tailgate. VariFlo can also be attached to a light-weight dolly and rolled along the repair project. 



  • No training required
  • Minimal prep reduces labor costs significantly
  • Repair time is counted in minutes not hours
  • Quick set allows for quicker return of traffic
  • Lasts longer than conventional repair materials
  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range
  • Cost effective


- 10 gallon set (two 5 gallon jugs)

- 30 gallon set (two 15 gallon containers)

- 100 gallon set  (two 50 gallon drums)

ROKLIN VariFlo Video

Check out this great video


Freight distribution warehouse location. Asphalt Alligatoring repairs performed between shifts and ready for semi truck traffic in 1 hour