BlakRok Aggregate 3/8 in. 25lb. Bag


  • Increases the volume of FloMix and FlexSet.
  • Add to buckets of FlowMix or FlexSet or add directly to deep potholes.
  • BlakRok is coated our patented coat, which contributes to flowability and ease of installation.
  • 25 lb. BlakRok bag. 
  •  Dimensions 16 x 12 x 7 in 

Hand Operated Dual Cartridge Gun

 Uses 3/8″ case hardened rods and cam. All three rods, push the washers for added ease of dispensing product. Supplied with side handle for added stability. Handle can be used on either side. 

Pail Mixer – Egg Beater Style

 The eggbeater or mud mixer is a simple stirring rod that allows for the full dispersion of the polymer throughout the coated aggregate mix. Used with a 1/2 HP low RPM drill for the best results.